About Us

We have paved the way for a new age of presentation.

Forecast built up in 1997 as a best in class piece of clothing assembling unit taking into account Export and additionally Local Market. Joined States is our important fare market, trailed by Europe, Dubai and Canada. We additionally go about as a purchasing operator for different United States customers. As of late we have broadened into limited time marketing and corporate gifting enclosure.


  • We make high quality garments to clients' specifications in our 5,000 square feet facility.
  • High quality is assured through precision machines, skilled and trained manpower as well as complete trace-ability of supply chain and manufacturing process.
  • Our in-house 12 head and 24 head computer controlled embroidery machine and our partnership with specialized garment processing units provide high degree of value addition to our garments.
  • Monthly manufacturing capacity of our plant is approximately 40,000 T-Shirts / 12,000 Shirts / 14,000 Bottoms.

Our Strengths:

  • 70 strong skilled and motivated work force.
  • Strong partnership with value addition providers and other vertically integrated garment manufacturers.
  • State of the art manufacturing infrastructure.
  • Our commitment of on-time delivery of quality products at competitive prices.
  • Our reliability built through lasting bonds of trust and confidence with our business associates.

Promotional Merchandising And Corporate Gifts:

  • This division caters to promotional needs of Event Management Companies, TV Production Houses, TV Channels, Award Functions, Fashion Shows and needs of other Corporates.
  • Products offered by us include, but not limited to, T-Shirts, Duffle Bags, Caps, Hats, Brand Flags, Desktop Items, Stress Toys, Personal Items and many more.
  • All products are customizable to customer requirements.
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