Airways Uniforms

A new age of glamorous and sophisticated flying.

Representing YOUR brand in Style!

Forecast Trendz makes sure our clients 'Airlines Brand' is represented in pride. We take pride in your brand, it is an attitude which drives us to find creative solutions for every challenge. A profession where the crew has to meet various people of different nationals, we believe their uniform is an extremely important aspect of the airline, where style and comfort matter.

Shakespeare said "For the apparel oft proclaims the man."

Clothing and fashion is a big part of society and it ties an individual to a certain dress code to be accepted. A perfect style that compliments your performance!

Inspired to a far-off fashion, to express the airlines brand with a revelation!

Designing uniforms for The Crew - the team which ensures that fliers' expectations are met, are the ambassadors of every airline. We understand how important it is that the team look and feel best! It is vital for them to look attractive, at the same time stylish and most importantly make them feel proud while they wear it. They 'showcase the airlines'; hence the uniform is likened to the image of the brand and the glamour of the job profile. A uniform is the first step towards customer service.

Our young, design-driven, innovative team at Forecast Trendz that keeps up with fashion trends, incorporates new styles that are perfectly tailored, fits well and looks fantastic. Our uniform is not only functional but also fashionable and trendy. We work closely with our clients and staff to ensure that the requirements of the wearer are blended with the needs of the brand image.

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